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Par Floriane Cappelletti, le 6 juin 2017

La Conférence politique de la Semaine européenne de la mobilité est une conférence européenne dédiée à l’énergie durable incontournable. Des sessions organisées par la Commmission européenne et les acteurs de l’énergie mettent en débat les dernières évolutions politiques, bonnes pratiques et idées nouvelles et les événements de networking renforcent la coopération.

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Accelerating the clean energy transition — financing energy efficiency at the local level

Mercredi 21 juin,11h-12h30
Energy Cities, Climate Alliance, EUROCITIES & le CCRE

This session presents a local actor view on the three pillars of the Smart Finance for Smart Buildings initiative recently launched by the European Commission as part of the Clean Energy package. This event includes a keynote speech followed by an interactive session where EU policy makers and representatives of financial institutions are invited to discuss with local stakeholders key recommendations with the goal of strengthening the role of the local level in accelerating the clean energy transition.

Local energy communities and Covenant of Mayors cities

Mercredi 21 juin, 16h-17h30
Commission européenne et Bureau de la Convention des Maires (dirigé par Energy Cities)

Local Energy Communities (LEC), facilitate and reward active participation of consumers in the energy market, help achieve RES targets and increase the energy system’s flexibility, and foster public acceptance of decentralised RES generation. The session showcases concrete examples of successful LECs, developed by or under the auspices of signatory municipalities in the Covenant of Mayors. It also shows the position of the Covenant of Mayors as a key gateway to rolling out the LEC model, and provides input from local authorities and stakeholders involved in the set-up or management of LECs on how the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package could further enhance their upscaling.

Leading the energy transition — the different flavours of local energy communities and companies

Mardi 22 juin, 11h-12h30
Energy Cities & REScoop

Many in the energy sector do not yet clearly understand what local energy communities are or the benefits they have to offer the energy system. Through an interactive panel and subsequent debate, presenters will provide different perspectives of how local energy communities and local energy companies are driving the energy transition. The purpose of having such an exchange will be to better inform the debate about what local energy communities are what they are capable of, and how they should be supported.

Think local first : designing an EU building policy framework centred on consumers, local authorities and energy advisory services to deliver on Europe’s renovation challenge / SIDE-EVENT

Mardi 20 juin, 9h-13h
Energy Cities pour le projet PUBLENEF

This Policy Roundtable will address the questions of 1) how EU and national policy can support the provision of integrated energy renovation and advisory services to consumers and 2) what is the role of local authorities and local energy advisory services in attracting private sector finance and investment for building renovations ? The roundtable will bring together consumer organisations, local authorities and building policy experts to discuss these questions and the audience will be encouraged to join the debate.

A bientôt à Bruxelles !

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Evénements à venir
Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum - Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place
Mercredi 21 février

EU Covenant of Mayors Ceremony
Jeudi 22 février

Webinar - Home renovation in Europe : The User Perspective
Mardi 27 février 11:00-12:30

Covenant of Mayors workshop at the Urban Future Global Conference - Unlocking the energy and climate transition in cities : What role for leadership ?
Mercredi 28 février 11:00-12:30

Rencontres nationales de la participation
Du 6 au 8 mars

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