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Thursday 20 June 2019

328 Mayors now on board as EU discusses net zero by 2050 demands this week
By Adrian Hiel | 295 visits
Momentum for a net zero EU by 2050 continues to grow. An incredible 328 mayors from across Europe have now signed the joint letter calling for a peak in emissions next year, halving emissions by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.


Wednesday 19 June 2019

National Energy and Climate Plans fail to acknowledge cities’ leading role in the European energy transition
By Floriane Cappelletti | 218 visits , By Aurélien Sailler | 218 visits
Our analysis of EU Member States' National Energy and Climate Plans reveals lack of recognition towards local action.


Friday 14 June 2019

The 210 mayors’ letter - EU leaders Sefcovic and Arias Canete praise cities’ "impressive" action for the energy transition
By Floriane Cappelletti | 443 visits
It was unprecedented in its breadth and ambition, more than 210 mayors from across the EU calling on EU leaders to chart a course for a net-zero EU by 2050 just ahead of the Future of Europe conference in Sibiu, Romania.


Friday 14 June 2019

New guidebook: How cities can unleash the power of community energy
By Adrian Hiel | 426 visits
The community energy landscape in Europe has been radically transformed by the Renewable Energy Directive. The new landscape will only be fully mapped as communities explore the boundaries of their new role in the energy transition. Energy Cities has put together a guidebook ‘HOW CITIES CAN BACK RENEWABLE ENERGY COMMUNITIES’ to help communities with that exploration. And there has never been a better time for local authorities to get involved in community energy projects. The potential to deliver the energy transition while sharing socio-economic benefits is incredibly exciting.


mardi 11 juin 2019

Political brief : "From progressive minority to critical mass"
By Claire Roumet | 161 visits
Right after the EU elections, this title might be confusing. Indeed, it does not refer to the new EU Parliament, but to the legacy of the last 5 years. There are so many articles about the new impossible equilibrium between antagonist political forces, and what will emerge is so difficult to (...)


Thursday 6 June 2019

Navigating the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019 – Energy Cities’ picks
By Sara Giovannini | 680 visits
Do you plan to be in Brussels for the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)? During this yearly event, taking place from the 17th to the 21st June, the European Commission welcome delegates from all over Europe to discuss the most pressing energy issues.


Wednesday 5 June 2019

Heidelberg 2019 was great, see you in 2020 in Heerlen!
By Floriane Cappelletti | 407 visits
Our 2019 annual conference took place within the framework of ICCA 2019 on 22-23 May in Heidelberg, Germany.


Tuesday 28 May 2019

EU Parliamentary elections: Will the "Green wave" set a course to a sustainable future?
By Adrian Hiel | 860 visits
The big story of the EU Parliamentary elections is without doubt the ‘Green Wave’ that washed over much of Europe. With 70 seats the Greens now have a chance to hold the balance of power in the European Parliament and a more prominent role in the selection of the top jobs of the EU institutions.


Monday 27 May 2019

Lisbon, a solar city
By Sara Giovannini | 656 visits
The Portuguese capital has just welcomed its solar platform On May 3rd, international day of the sun, our member Lisboa E-Nova, the Energy and Environment Agency of Lisbon launched SOLIS, a platform to offer citizens, local authorities, investors and businesses the possibility to gather information on solar energy potential in the city.


Thursday 23 May 2019

EU Parliament elections – most important ever?
By Adrian Hiel | 491 visits
The European Parliamentary elections at the end of this month may be the most important ever. It’s not that the Parliament has gained any extraordinary new powers – it is because we live in extraordinary times.


Wednesday 15 May 2019

Policy brief: Ecological transition = changes (everyday life + approach)
By Claire Roumet | 573 visits
Yes, this equation seems strange – maybe even a little absurd. It’s a summary – a very condensed one – of the response given by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, to more than two months of intense debate by citizens on four themes, including the ecological transition.


Monday 13 May 2019

Time to redefine multilevel governance! Join the Mayors Session at ICCA!
By Tatjana Veith | 548 visits
We know the energy transition is underway but it is not rapid enough. Academics, civil society actors and policymakers all agree that the transition needs to further accelerate to meet the Paris Agreement. Society and governments need to act now and this involves an active citizenship.


Thursday 9 May 2019

EU-US cooperation: Unconventional energy stories from four “allied cities”
By Alix Bolle | 621 visits
“Energy Allies” is the name of a two-year EU-funded project that supports transatlantic experience sharing between EU and US cities. In Europe, the French city of Nantes, former European Green Capital, and the German town of Heidelberg, presiding Energy Cities, exchanged ideas, challenges and expertise with the American cities of Cambridge in Massachusetts and Charlotte in North Carolina.


Tuesday 7 May 2019

Unprecedented show of ambition from Mayors across Europe on a shared energy transition
By Adrian Hiel | 1618 visits
More than 50 Energy Cities members have signed a joint letter to EU leaders for far greater ambition in cutting carbon emissions. The letter calls for a peak in emissions by next year, more than halving emissions by 2030 and a net zero EU by 2050.


Monday 6 May 2019

New publication out: Investment needs for the local energy transition
By David Donnerer | 833 visits
The locally-driven energy transition is essential to achieve the Paris Agreement’s objectives by 2050. This report is showcasing five examples of European cities, that are frontrunners in the local energy transition and which have put a number on their investment needs by 2050, in order to succeed in their transition and undertake ambitious, Paris-proof energy and climate action.


Thursday 25 April 2019

HOTMAPS: a free online software to transform your city’s energy future!
By Sara Giovannini | 755 visits
Currently, Europe is using around half on its energy consumption for heating and cooling (H&C). The sector relies mostly on fossil fuels and it is responsible for about 27% of CO2 emissions. To decarbonise Europe’ energy system, our approach to heating and cooling needs to change!


Wednesday 17 April 2019

Innovating financing : 5 handbooks to help cities improve energy performance
By Béatrice Karas | 955 visits
The PROSPECT H2020 learning programme enables peer-to-peer learning in regional and local authorities in order to finance and implement their sustainable energy and climate action plans. The programme builds upon successful financing schemes implemented in cities and regions in the European Union.


Monday 15 April 2019

Policy brief: "Duty of care"
By Claire Roumet | 839 visits
By Claire Roumet


Friday 12 April 2019

Remunicipalisation: yes you can!
By Sara Giovannini | 1043 visits
Inspired by remunicipalisation initiatives all over Europe, an increasing number of local authorities are expanding their role, not just by acting as planners but by operating their own companies and driving the local energy transition. Why is this trend happening? And how can a city set up its own company to supply electricity, gas, heating and cooling? The participants at our remunicipalisation workshop in Ettlingen (Germany) tried to answer these questions.


Friday 5 April 2019

Do you want to divest from fossil fuels ? This publication will help you!
By Béatrice Karas | 751 visits
The guidebook contains a collection of case studies, best practices and tools that can help local governments align their spending and investments with the Paris Agreement objective of limiting global warming well below 2°C, by fully integrating energy and climate issues into their budgetary and financial planning.

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