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  Monthly newsletter n°256 - December 2017  
    Policy brief: Leadership, what leadership?

by Claire Roumet, Executive Director of Energy Cities During the COP23 in Bonn, one of the most frequently heard expressions in the corridors was “it is of paramount importance”, a phrase that places hyperbole above content and which perfectly sums up my feelings about these few days of (...)

Counting on the pioneers to make the difference!
“Transition Management” is an innovation approach from the Netherlands. Formalised by the DRIFT laboratory of Rotterdam University, it has been tested out by (...)


Energy Cities' 2018 Conference, 18-20 April: Powering partnerships
Save the date: 18-20 April 2018! Where are those places in Europe where policy-making and partnerships are intrinsically tied? At Energy Cities’ Annual (...)


A wind of remunicipalisation is blowing on the European Energy Transition Conference
As announced last year in Bordeaux, the 19th edition of the European Energy Transition Conference will be the first to be organised outside France, in (...)


Fostering the use of renewables for heating and cooling: Final results of the progRESsHEAT project
The progRESsHEAT project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, has come to an end. The past 2,5 years were very productive and the project (...)


Energy Cities’ members actions highlighted in 8-year report of Covenant of Mayors
In the framework of the recently published third state of the EU Energy Union report, the EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) released its 8 year (...)


Understanding owners’ motivations to support renovation of condominiums: What research and experimentation tell us
With 12,000 households living in condominiums in Maastricht and among them 7,000 with a G energy label, the energy retrofitting of these buildings is a (...)

Energy Cities
blog 12 February 2018
Interview: Is the energy transition still making the Franco-German heart leap?

blog 8 February 2018
When the EIB is learning from cities: more EU money for local energy?

blog 5 February 2018
An EU budget to make energy citizens a reality

blog 30 January 2018
Destination 100% Renewable Energy: How far are cities?

blog 22 January 2018
Innovative Financing in Cities and Regions: Join a unique EU-wide P2P learning programme!

blog 22 January 2018
Financing local climate & energy actions: Get inspired by Covenant cities and regions!

blog 18 January 2018
Everybody to Switzerland!

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