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  Monthly newsletter n°232 - June 2015  
    Political editorial - "A blooming spring for the energy transition"

Energy Cities’ Director Claire Roumet takes us behind the scenes in Brussels and shares her opinion on the latest EU policy developments. What is astonishing to notice this month is the convergence of conclusions of very different institutions. The International Energy Agency, the European (...)

A laboratory dedicated to energy and cities of tomorrow in Les Mureaux (France)
The city of Les Mureaux (30,700 inhab.) is aware that energy efficiency and transport are important for territories and decided, back in 2013, to create a (...)


Review of ELENA-EIB projects in the cities of Barcelona, Bristol, Malmö, Paris and Brussels-Capital Region
Energy Cities published a review of the projects undertaken in the cities of Paris, Malmö (in association with Lund and Helsingborg), Barcelona, Bristol (...)


Interview with Mayor of Nis (Serbia) Miloš Banđur
What is the city’s most ambitious target in terms of sustainable energy? Our Sustainable Energy Action Plan was adopted on 17 December 2014: it set a (...)


Energy Cities' 25th anniversary : City of Brussels rewarded for its energetic... team!
On Thursday 18 June 2015, the city of Brussels was officially handed out the 1st prize of ’My city, my team, my energy’ photo contest on the occasion of an (...)

Energy Cities
blog 19 July 2018
Spain: new policy, new energy for cities

blog 16 July 2018
Investing in solar energy: follow the unusual example of a Belgian cooperative

blog 12 July 2018
Joint contribution: Models of local energy ownership and the role of local energy communities in energy transition in Europe

blog 11 July 2018
Community voices in Luzy: village of the future, mates of the future

blog 4 July 2018
Road to a replication strategy in our follower cities: Intensive Lab Session in Santiago de Compostela

blog 2 July 2018
Policy brief: Claude Turmes pulling off another magic trick

blog 28 juin 2018
Richness of ideas vs. fuel poverty: policy initiatives to make energy affordable for all

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