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Monday 20 June 2016

#Democracy - Making the city "an open transformation platform"
By Béatrice Karas | 1170 visits
Interview of Carlos Moreno, a Franco-Colombian university professor. This humanist-scientist is renowned for his expertise of the "human smart city" concept.


Thursday 2 June 2016

Try new DDDelicious local flavours in new issue of Energy Cities INFO
By Miriam Eisermann | 1135 visits
There are still some days left until summer starts. Nevertheless, we already suggest the three new DDDelicious flavours that will give Europe's energy transition a local taste: Devolution (yummy!), Democracy (dainty!), Divestment (mouth-watering!)


vendredi 27 mai 2016

Polish-German city cooperation: promoting low emission actions on a local level
By Miriam Eisermann | 1077 visits
Our collective member PNEC (Polish Network of Energie Cités) initiates German-Polish city partnerships to foster exchange of experiences and solutions on the road to a low-emission economy.


mardi 10 mai 2016

New dialogues between cities & local stakeholders
By Blandine Pidoux | 1574 visits
Energy Cities has carried out a new exploratory study for cities and diverse project leaders desiring to start a sustainable energy transition in collaboration with all stakeholders in their territory.


Thursday 28 April 2016

An innovative platform to achieve the 2020 climate and energy targets

Our member Klimaatverbond recently informed us that the Dutch Agreement on Energy for Sustainable Growth concluded between 47 organisations in 2013 is finally available in English. Combining an innovative governance platform with a systemic approach to energy and climate policy, this type of agreement sets the example when it comes to achieving climate and energy targets.


Wednesday 9 March 2016

Thessaloniki (GR) and Bottrop (DE), together in the "Municipalities for a strong Europe" Initiative
By Blandine Pidoux | 1218 visits
The potential to reach social and economic progress through green growth at the local level was the key topic of a German-Greek workshop in Berlin last November. The 35 participants, from our member city of Thessaloniki and the German town Bottrop, discussed their experiences related to energy transition and ideas for green growth stimulation at the local level.


Friday 19 February 2016

UK cities react against the government attack on their freedom to divest

Several UK cities, including Energy Cities’ member Milton Keynes, have spoken up against controversial plans from the national government to put restrictions on their freedom to divest from fossil fuels. Once again local leadership is being hampered by obstacles from the national level. A situation which reminds us of the not-so-distant case of the city of Vaxjo’s ambitious sustainable energy legislation being challenged by the Swedish competition authority.


Friday 4 December 2015

Local governance from A to Z: Energy Cities releases Positive Glossary of the Energy Transition during COP21
By Floriane Cappelletti | 1544 visits
As Energy Cities held a workshop on local governance in the framework of COP21 just yesterday, the European association of local authorities in energy transition seize the occasion to release its latest publication.


Monday 30 November 2015

Victory for local energy! Swedish municipality of Växjö wins case against competition authority
By Floriane Cappelletti | 1599 visits
Three years ago, the municipality of Växjö was sued by the national competition authority for requiring city owners to connect to its local district heating system. This Monday 16 November, the Stockholm District Court ruled in favor of Växjö, marking a victory for local sustainable energy projects, often unable to compete with free market imperatives.


Monday 16 November 2015

Local elected leaders urge European Commission to reshape energy governance architecture
By Alix Bolle | 1441 visits
Last Friday, less than a week before the release of the state of the Energy Union report, Energy Cities teamed up with the key four other European networks for sustainable cities to raise concerns over the governance of energy and climate policies.


Thursday 12 November 2015

Bielsko-Biala : Where Poland shows that "low-carbon" is possible
By Miriam Eisermann | 1147 visits
Poland's parliamentary elections (end of october) had one winner: the eurosceptic and fossil-fuel friendly Law and Justice party. It is to be feared that, as of now, European Union efforts to move to lower carbon energy will be even more dependent on committed local authorities.


jeudi 29 octobre 2015

Group intelligence in Helsinki: collaborative sustainable city planning
By Floriane Cappelletti | 1432 visits
The Urban Academy in Helsinki relies on a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable city development. Based on co-creation methods, it aims at "bringing teaching and research from lecture halls and laboratories to the city streets, its residents and policymakers" to build better cities.


Friday 3 July 2015

Non-state players’ message to COP21 negotiators: Empowering sub-national governments and divesting from fossil fuels
By Floriane Cappelletti | 1650 visits
Gathered in Lyon on the occasion of the World Summit Climate & Territories for two days (1-2 July), hundreds of non-state players debated climate mitigation issues and strongly stated their common will to take on the challenge of limiting global warming below 2°C.


Thursday 11 June 2015

Epernay and Ettlingen: A successful TANDEM for the local energy transition
By Floriane Cappelletti | 1311 visits
The twinning arrangement between the French city of Epernay and the German city of Ettlingen was initiated in 1953. It is the second oldest city-twinning agreement between France and Germany.


Thursday 4 June 2015

Decentralisation, devolution... Revolution!
By Béatrice Karas | 1088 visits
In the course of the past few decades, new players have entered the energy management arena, in what could be characterised as a new era of “community power”. Everywhere across Europe and beyond, local authorities have been playing a key role, not only as protagonists but also as facilitators of a new energy model.


vendredi 29 mai 2015

Energy Cities members commit to city-to-city cooperation as a key tool for the energy transition
By Floriane Cappelletti | 1431 visits
Ahead of the COP21 to be held in December 2015, Energy Cities' members commit to sharing their knowledge, expertise and vision with cities around the globe.


Monday 11 May 2015

Resilient cities #1: Developing new forms of governance
By Béatrice Karas | 1057 visits
Fostering resilience is a community matter. French journalist and documentary filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin states: “On the ground, those projects that are performing the best are led by motivated citizens and supported by municipalities that listen to them”.


Wednesday 25 March 2015

Växjö urges Swedish Government to become the world’s first fossil-fuel free nation
By Miriam Eisermann | 1789 visits
While the EU's position on a goal for the Paris Climate Talks in December is still up for discussion, the Swedish city of Växjö is pushing for more: today, Mayor Bo Frank has issued a declaration urging the Swedish Government and European local authorities to follow in Växjö's footsteps and take meaningful action for going fossil fuel-free.


Thursday 26 February 2015

Energy Union – It can’t work without cities and citizens
By Floriane Cappelletti | 1262 visits
‘Cities are key to the establishment of the Energy Union project’ said Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič yesterday at a high-level roundtable which gathered some 20 leaders of European cities. Cities are the largest consumers of energy in Europe, and where three quarters of carbon emissions are generated. A successful EU Energy Union must tap into the potential of local energy resources and actively involve local authorities and their citizens.


Friday 30 January 2015

"No energy transition without citizens" - Interview with Energy Cities' Executive Director Claire Roumet
By Floriane Cappelletti | 2118 visits
"There is no energy transition without citizens", says Energy Cities' Executive Director Claire Roumet in an interview with Revolve where she explains how we can build sustainable cities.

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